Forum Roleplay Rules

Forum etiquette rules including lines and veils, as well as character creation details and other play guidelines.
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Forum Roleplay Rules

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1. When starting a non-storyteller guided thread, establish posting guidelines in the opening post. Follow the post rate established in the thread unless someone in the thread specifically passes their turn. The person starting the thread will determine the rate of posting before people can be automatically skipped and play moves to the next round. Do not join a thread if you can't at least mostly keep up with the determined posting frequency.

2. Player characters should be in no more than 3 threads at a time.

3. The forum utilizes one directional fluid time, meaning a character can be roleplayed at different points in time concurrently, but it only goes backward, not forward. There will always be at least one thread that is storyteller guided that is occurring in the 'present,' other threads cannot take place past this time. Players are responsible for doing their best to preserve continuity.

4. Time, specifically time of day, is extremely important to the setting. Posts generally will advance the time of day by one hour for every round of posting unless it doesn't make sense to do so(characters are talking back and forth).

5. In storyteller guided threads only, the group may obtain Beats by advancing time more rapidly. The time advancement that prompts this depends on the threat level of the thread: red: 2 extra hours, orange: 4 extra hours, yellow: advance to night. Green threat level does not prompt a Beat gain. All mortal characters in the group receive 1 Beat.