Southeast DC

With a reputation for a high level of crime and violence, the southeastern area of DC was typically left off travel guides, despite containing the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. The area is still composed of mostly the poor and disenfranchised, and is primarily African-American. Containing the city's jails and largely neglected by the vampire scourge, the Southeast's people are used to being ignored and surviving, and this oversight may prove a fatal weakness. Southeast DC threat level includes the only green areas in DC, ignored as it is except by solitary incursions here and there.
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  • Anacostia Community Museum
    Surrounded by nearby parks, the Anacostia Museum is not far from the Maryland border. This urban based museum has been co-opted by a group of hunters looking to take back the night, it's unassuming presence, shielded location, and undesirable neighborhood all working together to create a safe bulwark to begin the journey to fighting back.
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