Southwest DC

The smallest quadrant due to a secession of territory to Virginia, Southwest DC was once one of the safest areas in DC, home to both its police department as well as various military bases like Fort McNair and Bollings Air Force Base. The sirens that punctuated the area's sound have gone eerily quiet, though many of the the formerly affluent survivors in the area still make do. The threat level in this area is predominantly yellow, as the incursion of the undead has yet to truly escalate this far.
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  • Fort McNair
    Once considered upscale by army base standards, Fort McNair nevertheless shows signs of activity and has been well fortified against undead incursion. Distrusting of others and pragmatic about mouths to feed, the fort is under the control of the former Taskforce: Valkyrie, representing the largest collective of the former conspiracy after many were co-opted by the undead.
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